Spring/Fall/Winter Clean Up

Spring Clean Ups


Once the winter is over and the ground has thawed, home and business owners who take great pride in the landscaping around their property will be thinking about maximizing the visual appeal of their property.  For homeowners, the desire to have a beautifully landscaped home is a source of great pride.  For business owners, the areas around their business help to add to the professional appearance of their enterprise.

All-Island will help to prepare your property for spring planting as well as helping to get the lawns around your property for the growing season ahead.  Flower beds will be raked to remove the remains of any leaves or other debris from the trees and shrubbery around your property.  Lawns will be thatched to prepare them to accept fertilizer, seed and water.


Winter Preparation


Once the summer is over and the trees around your property divest themselves of their leaves, your property needs to be cleaned to remove fallen leaves and twigs.  Left in place, this debris can cause problems when clearing any show that falls but also will eventually rot and make your property look untended.  Additionally, any annuals planted in the spring must be removed from the flower beds to ensure that when the spring returns the gardens are easily prepared for new plantings.  Bushes prone to damage from heavy, fallen snow must all so be prepped to eliminate the chance of damage.

All-Island will come to your location and remove all of the debris that can make your property look untended.  We will ensure that your property is clean, free of any dead foliage or plants that leave gardens looking shabby.


Snow Removal

Everyone loves when it snows, the beautify affect it has on the landscape.  When snow first falls it is pristine and white, a playground for kids and a reason for warm fires in the hearth and cups of hot chocolate for all.  But when the gently falling snow turns into a heavy snow with buildups of more than 6 inches, the reality is that the beautiful white stuff needs to be cleaned off walkways, driveways and sidewalks so that life can go on.  For those who own a powerful snow blower there is no problem.  For those who don’t, the prospect of shoveling is daunting.

All-Island can help you with this back-breaking task.  Our team will come in and clear all of the vital passages and driveways so that you can go about your normal day knowing that you can do so safely and without worry.