Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Here on Long Island we are blessed with an abundance of trees, providing shade and beauty.  These same trees also serve as homes to a variety of birds, squirrels and insects.  But the beauty of nature is also the cause for a variety of issues around the house or your place of business that must be addressed to ensure a clean appearance and safe conditions.  While many are easy to see (raking leaves, pruning branches and removing dying trees), others are not as evident.  Take clogged gutters.

All-Island is your source for the most thorough gutter cleaning in Long Island.  We hand scoop the debris from your gutters, bag it up, and then flush the gutters and downspouts thoroughly with water to ensure that they are properly flowing.  While flushing we will check for any leaks along the gutter lines and repair them to ensure against any further run off problems or leaks.  Home and business owners should plan on two cleanings a year minimum, one in the early spring to remove and debris build up during the winter and again after the fall when trees have lost all of their foliage.

Clogged gutters can cause overflow of rain runoff falling on to walkways creating hazardous walking conditions or it can run off into garden areas around the foundation of the structure, infiltrating the cement and possibly flooding basements and underground storage areas..  Additionally, the water can also sit build up and eventually work its way into the soffits and fascia where the gutters are connected to the house or building.  When this happens the unchecked moisture can lead to rotting timbers, warping of the fascia or soffits and even mold growth.

Gutter and downspout cleaning and maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs on damaged gutters, roofs, walls, and foundations. Having your gutters professionally cleaned allows the gutters to function properly. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Installing gutter guard protection may reduce or eliminate yearly cleanings.

Along with buildup of falling leaves and windblown twigs, dirty gutters make very attractive home for insects and other bugs. Dirty gutters provide a good nesting ground and food source for these pests, especially mosquitoes.  The presence of insects can attract birds and bird droppings left behind increases the possibility of not only clogs but also the creation of a breeding ground for bacteria that, along with mold, can infiltrate your home or place of business creating health risks for all who reside or work within these structure.