1. Why should I get my gutters cleaned?

    Gutters are designed to drain the water away from your roof and foundation.  Full gutters and clogged downspouts can lead to roof and gutter damage, soffit and fascia damage and even leaky basements.

  2. How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

    Twice a year is recommended, once after the leaves fall and again in the spring after bud and seeds have fallen.  It takes a relatively small amount of debris to cover or clog a downspout and left uncleaned a clog can lead to larger issues requiring costly repairs to the gutters or roofs.

  3. Is it messy?

    When you combine decomposing fallen leaves, twigs and any other debris left behind by birds or squirrels with a good amount of rain water or melting snow, a mess is hard to avoid.  Our cleaning process, performed by hand so that we can see what needs to be cleaned and ensure that is removed, is guaranteed to remove the threat of clogs.  So while you may have a mess in your gutters, we are the ones who get messy cleaning it out!

  4. Do I need to be home for service?

    No.  Most customers aren’t.  If you are not at time of service we will leave an invoice that can paid by check or credit card.

  5. Can the weather affect my service date?

    While we want to ensure that your gutters are ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you, we want to ensure that the job is done properly and in the safest possible conditions.  So, if your scheduled appointment may be affected by expected inclement weather, we will attempt to reach you BEFORE your scheduled time/date to make other arrangements.

  6. Do I need to provide any equipment?

    No.  And we don’t bring any large, loud equipment either.  Some companies may use blowers and other contraptions that allow them to reach your gutters without having to climb up to them.  While this may be convenient for them, the machines are loud and often just push debris around.  We ensure that your gutters are clean by getting up close and personal with them.

  7. Is All-Island Gutter Cleaning insured in case of accidents?

    Yes, We carry full insurance in case of any accidents that could cause damage to your property or to our people.  

  8. What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.